Orana Toy Library

Why buy when you can borrow?

Why not get on board with the "War On Waste"

See this article from ABC regarding Toy Libraries helping the war on waste.

War on waste (ABC) 


Under Macquarie Regional Library, Talbragar Street, Dubbo

Tuesdays 09:30 – 12:00

Saturdays 09:30 – 12:00


Please no borrowing within the last 15 mins to allow

volunteers to clean at the end of the day. 

 Each shift runs for 2 hours from the time you started.

New developments......MEMBER LOG IN

Members can now log into their toy library account from home to see their borrowed toys, next rostered duty and allocate their next duty.

Click here to access the members log in page.

2018  Committee

The Orana Toy Library is run by a team of Volunteer Committee Members. 

We've got a great team to help make the Orana Toy Library the success it is today:

Co-ordinator (President)-         Leanne Corfield

Secretary /Public Officer-         Jessica Simmons

Treasurer-                              Sylvia Dashwood

Roster Coordinator-                 Hilit Zehavi

Toy Manager-                         Edwina Doherty (assisted by Renae Justice)

Grants Officer-                        Dannielle Foster

Publicity Officer-                      Jane Donald

Loans Officer-                         Mel Commins

Membership Officer-                Sylvia Dashwood

IT Officer-                              

Tidiness/ Consumables Officer  

Email Monitoring                     Emma McNamara


1.  Encourage children’s independent and imaginative thinking by allowing them to learn new things or challenge existing skills through exploration with different toy.

2.   Test run new/different toys and save money and space on unwanted toys (no more e-bay selling).

3.   Quality toys are expensive and can quickly lose their play value. By borrowing toys, parents can save money and provide new stimulation, development and education for their children every couple of weeks.

4.   Use the variety and versatility of toy library toys to challenge and excite children through play, so no chance of getting bored with the same old toys.

5.   Add a highlight to the child’s week (visiting the toy library) and meet other parents and families with young children in the community and share experiences.

6.   Learn about the importance of play and your child’s development.

7.   Teaches children about borrowing and returning.



Orana Toy Library is a non for profit organisation that was formed in 1976 to lend toys, puzzles and educational equipment to families with children under five years of age.  These toys assist children in the development of their gross and fine motor skills, problem solving and thinking skills while at play.

The toys available to borrow from the Toy Library include a huge selection of puzzles, games, co-ordination toys, imaginative play, train sets, musical instruments, sand and water play, ride-ons, scooters, dress ups and much much more!

Click here for a membership application form.


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